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Moose ~ 18 GP
11 win  |  3 loss  |  4 tie ] = 26

GF=60   GA=38

K&M Heating ~ 18 GP
10 win  |  4 loss  |  4 tie ] = 24

GF=56   GA=37

Hanks Tire ~ 17 GP
9 win  |  6 loss  |  2 tie ] = 20

GF=51   GA=44

Langevin Trans ~ 18 GP
6 win  |  10 loss  |  2 tie ] = 14

GF=46   GA=49

Respect RX ~ 17 GP
1 win  |  14 loss  |  2 tie ] = 4

GF=35   GA=80


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    Giant Tiger to host blood typing event June 26
Posted by Robin M. [Tomahawk #88] on Sun. Jun. 24, 2018 at 11:08pm 

Hope everyone is enjoying the off season!    I just posted this to the NOBSHL web site, but thought I would share here as well..

A request to post these details has been forwarded to me through the grapevine with original details coming from Ray MacLaren (#16 Langevin Transport)

Giant Tiger is hosting a blood typing clinic on Tuesday June 26th from 2-5pm.  If you've ever wondered what type of blood you have, stop in to get assessed; takes about 5 minutes.  Ray decided to host this event as a way to share his family's commitment and to support our community.

July 12th, there is a blood donor clinic at St. James Anglican Church from 4:30-8:30pm.  This clinic is in honour of Ray's wife Kristine who will be at the clinic welcoming donors.  Only a year ago Kristine's battle with cancer resulted in her needing 30 units of blood to survive.

More details here:  https://www.insideottawavalley.com/community-story/8678265-carleton-place-giant-tiger-to-host-blood-typing-event-june-26/

Thanks for your support. 

Feel free to roll up your sleeve!  😉

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Sunday Nov 18, 9:00pm
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Sunday Nov 18, 10:00pm

K&M Heating - Hanks Tire
Thursday Nov 22, 9:30pm
Langevin Trans - Respect RX
Thursday Nov 22, 10:30pm
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